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Why Hilton Herbs?

Whether you are new to us, in which case "hello and welcome!", or have been part of the Hilton Herbs family for some time, we thought you may like to know a bit more about us!

How we started – Our business started life in 1989 when I first put together an herbal mix for our own dog Rags who had mobility issues. My interest and study of Herbal Medicine went onto confirm my belief that by using the herbs and plants provided by nature, we can help our animals and pets stay as healthy as possible throughout their lives. In the 30 years that have followed we have gone on to develop an extensive range of herbal supplements and natural healthcare products for pets. Our catalogue is packed with information on how to choose the most suitable product for your pet, details of product ingredients, customer reviews and handy tips, we hope you enjoy learning a bit more about what we do and urge you to contact us if you need any help or advice on our products.

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