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Botanica Natural Herbal Cream

Botanica Natural Herbal Cream

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Botanica’s award winning creams are created with a unique combination of herbal ingredients carefully selected and blended to feed and encourage healthy skin. The powerful herbal properties of Tea Tree, along with soothing Aloe Vera and the additional beneficial value of Comfrey and Lavender for Aching muscles & tendons, provide an all purpose herbal cream to help support and maintain a healthy skin against excessive external and environmental conditions.

Botanica’s Natural Herbal Cream can be beneficial on a wide range of skin conditions i.e.: cuts, grazes, rain scald, mud rash, cracked sore heels, girt scaled etc. Wounds recover very quickly. It helps keep skin texture smooth and supple. It relaxes sore tendons and soothes muscular aches. The cream contains a natural insect repellent.


After using the Botanica Cleansing Wash, apply the cream twice daily.


Moisturising base cream, aloe vera, tea tree oil, oil of lavender, comfrey oil.

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