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P&L Rectangular Fleece Cushion Pad Silver/Grey

P&L Rectangular Fleece Cushion Pad Silver/Grey

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A versatile & practical pet bed with many applications. Covered in soft hard wearing Thermal Sherpa Fleece on both sides,filled with a bonded non clumping fibre, to give warmth, insulation & comfort. Designed and Manufactured to be fully machine washable keeping shape after washing. Specially recommended for use with Dog Crates Sizes which match the 5 popular crate sizes and in the backs of cars.

Available in five sizes.
Small Size 1 L63cm X W45cm X D5cm
Medium Size 2 L78cm X W55cm X D5cm.
Large Size 3 L87cm X W63cm X D5cm.
Extra Large Size 4 L106cm X W76cm X D5cm.
Jumbo Size 5 L122cm X W76cm X D5cm.
All measurements given are subject to slight variations due to manufacturing process
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