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Great & Small Slicker Brush - MEDIUM

Great & Small Slicker Brush - MEDIUM

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The Great & Small Slicker Brush is the perfect grooming tool for dogs and cats.

Ideal for removing dirt, loose fur, and helping to eliminate mats and tangles. This slicker brush also helps to stimulate natural oils to keep your dog and cats fur looking and feeling healthy.

Regular grooming allows you to check for parasites, minor injuries and help bond you and your pet closer together. Featuring a comfort grip handle, which is easy to clean and use. Available in three sizes to suit every pet.

The Great & Small Grooming Range has been designed to the highest quality and features a unique 3 Year Workmanship Guarantee. Terms and conditions apply.

Key Features

  • Handy slicker brush
  • Encourages bonding and interaction
  • Ideal for use as part of healthcare routine


Plastic - Soft and durable
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