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Great & Small Fur Fixer De-Shedding Tool - LONG COAT - MEDIUM (10-20kg)

Great & Small Fur Fixer De-Shedding Tool - LONG COAT - MEDIUM (10-20kg)

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An advanced grooming tool for long coats, the Fur Fixer De-shedding brush is a must have for professional grooming results.

The Fur Fixer is the ultimate de-shedding tool, that's ideal for long haired dogs, cats and small animals. Easily removing loose hair, preventing knots, and guaranteed to prevent shedding better than any other comb or brush. 

Used once or twice a week, Fur Fixer will promote circulation and natural oil production, resulting in improved skin condition and shiny soft fur. This brush is easy to use with a soft ergonomic handle and a 3-year workmanship guarantee. Terms and conditions apply. Available in both Long and Short hair sizes.

Key Features

  • Professional grooming tool for long coats
  • Removes loose hair and prevents knots
  • Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush or comb


Stainless steel & plastic - Durable and Hygienic

Size & Weight

FurFixer Small: Up to 10kg, FurFixer Medium: 10-20kg, FurFixer Large: 25kg and up.

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