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On this page I have compiled a list of very useful links to videos and reading material that will assist you in increasing your own knowledge on raw feeding, herbal remedies as well as holistic treatments and natural options to help your dog in many different ways.

Regarding raw feeding (which I recommend over all other formats of food, and which I am very passionate about), it can be very confusing for owners new to raw to find correct advice and information. Sadly, traditional vets generally do not support raw feeding (and the reasons why are covered within the videos below in the Holistic Vet link) so it is very challenging for new raw feeders, owners who do not even know about raw and the benefits, or those who have may have even been put off by hearing bad things to find correct credible information. Even some pet shops and dog groomers selling raw do not advise owners at all on the basics of raw feeding and the handling of raw. Additionally, a lot of information found online, particularly social media where people try to give well meaning 'advice' but without any extensive knowledge on the subject and is just formed from their own experiences for their own individual dogs, can be off putting and harmful to owners and their pets, as all dogs are different and to give correct advice, more information is needed from pets owners to be able to correctly advise on what is best for their dogs.

Anyway, enough rambling from me, here are the very useful links! Enjoy!


Holistic Vet Ltd - Dr Nick Thompson BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS
This website contains a plethora of useful videos covering many different aspects of raw feeding and also why many traditional vets are opposed to it (don't let this put you off!)
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These are just some of the many useful and informative links on this website for natural herbals treatments, some of which can be purchased via my own website.
Fleas and ticks: how to take a natural approach
Puppies: Vaccinations, diet & healthcare
Why we need to rethink our approach to worms, ticks and fleas

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Dr. Vince MacNally BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS
Check out this blog page on Vince's website. It's full of very informative information regarding lots of common health issues and the way conventional drugs affect the body and how natural remedies can be much better for your pets health.