Doodlebone Originals Slip Lead - 12mm

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Dog Leads & Leashes

Doodlebone® Originals Slip Lead – a great training aid as used by expert dog trainers

The Doodlebone® Originals Slip Lead is a handy and versatile dog lead that slips on and off very quickly without the need for a clip. It’s perfect for training dogs that are already used to a lead to walk calmly without straining. 

Strong and easy to use

It’s a super strong slip lead for dogs and puppies! Its solid internal core is encased in tough nylon which has a woven reflective strip to help you and your dog stay safe when out in the dark. Reinforced stitching ensures extra strength and the smart leather trimming is a nice touch.

At 150cm long, the lead has enough give to let your dog explore if you want them to, yet not too long to be unwieldy. 

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