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Doodlebone Originals Rope Lead - 12mm

Doodlebone Originals Rope Lead - 12mm

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Originals Rope Lead

Doodlebone® Originals Rope Lead – a strong lead for everyday use

The Doodlebone® Originals Rope Lead is a great alternative to our standard lead. Made from nylon wrapped around an extremely tough inner core, they are super-strong but have a little more give in them than a flat lead so are ideal for bigger dogs.

Durable good looks!

With proper use, the Doodlebone® Originals Rope Lead should last a lifetime (it comes with our lifetime guarantee anyway!). The stitching is reinforced for extra strength and it sports leather trimming and the stylish Doodlebone® tag finishes off the look nicely.

It’s 120cm long, which gives ample length without the lead being too heavy in the hand, and has a strong metal trigger clip that won’t let you down. This lead is perfect for using with a Doodlebone® Originals collar or one of our harnesses.

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