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Cotswold Chicken Bone Broth 500g

Cotswold Chicken Bone Broth 500g

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Our free range Chicken Bone Broth, with turmeric, is a new addition to the range. Our bone broth is a frozen product available in 500ml resealable and recyclable pouches. It can be defrosted and added to meals, or warmed as a separate drink to help reviatlise pets. The broth is suitable for both cats & dogs. 

Our bone broth is an easy to digest nutrient rich superfood. It’s a great source of protein, minerals and nutrients which can provide digestive support to dogs and cats helping to heal and restore gut health.

Composition; meaty chicken bones, turmeric, water. 

Analysis (/100g):

Moisture content: 95%
Protein: 2.5g
Crude Fats: <0.5g
Crude Fibre: 1g
Crude Ash: 0g

Feeding guide by pet’s weight added to meals.

2.25 -10kg         = 30 – 50g of broth

10 –25kg            = 50 –100g of broth

25 –50kg            = 100-150g of broth

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