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Animate Flashing LED Band

Animate Flashing LED Band

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Specifically designed to fit all dogs, the Animate LED Flashing Band is made with high quality materials for a long lasting, rechargeable LED flashing collar.

Ideal as an additional safety collar for dogs and puppies, the Animate LED Flashing Band promotes night safety, ensuring high visibility during dark or evening walks so your dog is seen at all times to drivers, passers by and other dog walkers.

An additional safety factor perfect for winter when it is darker for longer, the Animate LED Flashing Band helps keep you and your pet safe, and comes complete with a USB cable for charging.

Adjustable in size, the Animate LED Flashing Band for Dogs can simply be cut to size to fit your dog, fitting back into the middle connector piece to create the loop again ready for use. Each band features 3 flashing modes, so you can choose one ideal for you and your situation.

Rechargeable collar with USB cable for charging
3 light modes
Can be cut to size to fit your dog
Long lasting safety collar
Additional safety feature ideal for dark winter nights
Promotes visibility and night safety

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