Ancol Harness and Lead Set with DVD

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A revolutionary harness that provides ultimate comfort for your dog whilst helping you train and prevent your dog from pulling during walks, the Ancol Happy At Heel Harness and Lead Set helps you take control of walks with your dog making it more of an enjoyable and pleasurable experience for dogs that have a tendency to pull.

Encouraging your dog to listen and connect, the Ancol Happy At Heel Harness and Lead Set comes complete with a DVD providing you with a tutorial assisting you in training. It has been designed with PDL (Pure Dog Listeners) for a unique way of communicating with your dog.

An easy to use harness, the Ancol Happy At Heel Harness and Lead Set has a range of features making it ideal for all dogs, including a fleece lined belly strap sleeve for added comfort, and a special front strap that has been designed for easier left or right hand use.

Available in four sizes, the Ancol Happy At Heel Harness and Lead Set has a fully adjustable harness to ensure a comfortable and precise fit so you can get the most out of your purchase, and comes complete with an extra length lead (which is necessary for this method of training) as well.

Easy to use and stops your dog pulling
Attaches at the side and guides round the front so your dog gets no forward momentum
Takes your dogs focus away from object of interest quickly
Encourages your dog and trains him to walk at heel beside to, not because he is forced to but because you have guided him gentle and shown him it is a pleasant experience
Each pack comes with 1 x Harness, 1 x Lead and 1 x DVD guide

Choose from (measurements are for the chest size of your dog):

Small 44-54cm
Medium 54-73cm

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