Wash & Get Off Spray 500ml

Wash & Get Off Spray 500ml

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A unique formula for indoor or outdoor use, Wash & Get Off Spray Cleaner Neutraliser first cleans the area fouled by your pet, then neutralises the odour of urine in order to deter repeat soiling, as well as washing away the stains that your pet leaves behind. Within 30mins, Wash & Get Off Spray will remove the pet odour that soiling leaves behind and replace it with a pleasant citric scent. Ideal for use in and out of the home, Wash & Get Off Spray is a pleasant solution to pet soiling.

Key Benefits

Fully approved
Tried and tested since 1987
Garlic free
Washes away stains
Neutralises odours
Prevents repeat soiling

Product Information

Wash & Get Off Cleaner Neutraliser spray is a safe but efficacious way to remove territorial markings and odours both indoors and out. This expertly created dual purpose formula both cleans, removing stains and smells alike, and deters your furry fiend from future fouling mishaps.

For indoor use, first test for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area of the material you wish to clean first before shaking and spraying a small amount of Wash & Get off over the entire affected area (being careful not to over-apply), then clean in small circles with a rough cloth or nailbrush. No rinsing is required. For outdoor use, remove any traces of fouling, shake and spray a small amount of Wash & Get Off over the problem area and simply leave to take effect.

One application is all that's required to clean away any mess and is usually enough to put your pet off from future mishaps, however, the procedure can repeated every twelve hours for more persistent cats and dogs.


In the home: Remove any solid excreta, test Wash & Get Off¿ Spray in a small hidden area of the carpet or textile before use to test for colour fastness, shake Wash & Get Off¿ Spray and then spray lightly onto the soiled area. With a rough cloth or a nail brush rub the area in small circle movements ensuring that the complete area is attended to, no need for rinsing.

Out of the home: Remove any solid excreta, shake bottle rigorously and spray Wash & Get Off¿ Spray lightly, avoiding over application, on the affected areas; leave to take effect. Inside or outside the home, one application of Wash & Get Off Spray will clean the soiled area and will usually deter cats and dogs from further fouling, if pet persists procedure can be repeated every 12 hours. Use sparingly, avoid over-application.

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