Royal Canin Urinary Care 2kg

Royal Canin Urinary Care 2kg

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Proven results: 2 x as effective in supporting lower urinary tract health in 10 days: The exclusive use of urinary care is effective after 10 days: 2x* reduced risk of urinary stone formation.

* royal canin internal study, 2014 - compared to a maintenance diet for felines - specifically proven for struvite stones.

Urinary crystals can be found even in the urine of healthy cats.

Depending on several factors including pH, urinary crystals can be transformed into stones.

Nutrition can be an effective way to help reduce the risk of urinary crystal formation.

Urinary care is a precisely balanced nutritional formula which helps maintain urinary tract health.

it maintains a healthy urine concentration by regulating the mineral balance and maintaining a low urinary ph, leading to less concentrated urine.

the exclusive formula creates a urinary environment less favourable for the formation of urinary stones.

Helps urinary tract health from 1-7 years.

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