Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm Spray 150ml

Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm Spray 150ml

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  • Keep dog's happy and healthy
  • Suitable on puppies and full grown dogs
  • Soothes irritable skin
  • Contains tea tree oil, lavender oil and aloe vera


Keep your dog happy and healthy with the wonderful Tea Tree Skin Calm Spray from Johnsons. This brilliant spray is perfect for soothing itchy skin and keeping puppies and dogs comfortable and happy. The spray contains tea tree oil, taditionally used for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, promoting natural healing. It also contains lavender oil and aloe vera, helping to soothe and calm itchy skin. The Tea Tree Oil may also provide a natural repellent against fleas and other insect pests.


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  • Volume: 150ml

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