Chuck It Fetch Medley Assorted

Chuck It Fetch Medley Assorted

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Chuckit! Whistler Ball Medium 6.5cm x1

A new spin on their best seller, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball, the Chuckit! Whistler entices play with fun sounds and a high bounce, designed with four holes that produce a whistle as the ball soars through the air. This instantly focuses your dog’s attention on the game in hand, with them attentive to the balls’ every movement ensuring plenty of fetching fun and satisfying play.

Chuckit! Rebounce Ball Medium 6.5cm x1

Made from premium quality recyclable rubber for an environmentally-friendly yet feature rich design, the Chuckit! Rebounce Ball is an innovative high-bounce ball with an easy clean design and bright colouring ensuring high visibility.  Durable and strong, it remains gentle on your dogs mouth for satisfying play perfect for all dogs, guaranteeing a fun filled day of fetch with your dog

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball Medium 6.5cm x1

Made with premium quality durable rubber and safe, high quality photo luminescent materials, the Chuckit! Max Glow Ball extends playtime into early mornings and late nights, offering a rechargeable battery-free glow design that recharges in seconds! Simply beam a bright light, such as your phone torch, onto the ball for a couple of seconds for a quick recharge, or leave under a bright light for 5-6 minutes for a full charge that provides up to 30 minutes of bright fetching fun!

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