Paleo Ridge Raw Treats & Bones

Raw bones make an excellent treat for dogs. They are an essential part of a balanced raw-fed diet. They help keep your dog's teeth clean, contain marrow and other nutrients. They also help promote your dog's mental health, as chewing on bone is an activity that keeps your dog happy.

Bone should be fed sparingly and should always be supervised. Too much bone will cause constipation and could lead to impaction. Bone should be fed in small amounts of 10% of daily allowance or 20% every other day. Never give two high bone meals consecutively.

Our all-natural, Boneless products are an excellent addition to any raw-fed dog's diet. Our Boneless Raw meals help add variety to your dog's diet. Full of  nutrients their body needs to be happy and healthy.

With no artificial colours,  preservatives or bulk fillers, our 100% Boneless products make an ideal complementary meal for healthy, raw-fed dogs. Our Boneless Raw helps promote healthy digestion, shinier coats and more energy for healthy working dogs.