Christmas Stocking Refill For Dogs

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Christmas stocking refill for Dogs

For those who may have bought our stocking last year, or already have your own pet stocking, this is the perfect refill containing natural treats for your dog to enjoy on Christmas day.

The refill pack contains:

1x Edgard Cooper Dental Stick (Small or Medium depending on the size of your dog - please specify)
1x Pizzle stick
1x Large Veggie Star Stick or 3x Veggie Fruit Straws (depending on the size of your dog - please specify)
1x Chicken Foot
1x Puffed Chicken Foot
1x Duck Foot
1x Rabbit Ear (hairy or non hairy - please specify)
1x Petaroni salami stick
1x Pigs ear
1x Veggie Nubby Bone
50g of dried chicken hearts

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